Mobility is key : The importance of family policy


Are you an HR professional, managing a team of mobile employees?
Are you curious about what the (HR) future holds?
Do you want to learn more about spouse and family policy?

Then this international conference about global mobility is the place for you! Take up the challenges related to HR practices concerning spouses and family policy.


The HR conference offers its guests the unique opportunity to equip themselves with the best possible tools and knowledge regarding global mobility and family policy.

With interactive talks, case studies, keynote sessions and networking opportunities, the conference is a perfect fit for professionals looking to network and wanting to exchange experiences on the latest strategies and technologies available to improve and shape the future of the global mobility industry.


The conference will discuss current and new prospects in the ever-growing and complex field of expatriate management, focusing on:

  • general introduction, by the Chairman of VIW, Eddy Bonne
  • recent and future trends, introduced by Trendwatcher Anita Meyer
  • sharing experiences by Hilde Peeters, Sr. Advisor Policy, Tax & Compliance, Johnson & Johnson
  • the role of the expat’s family in a successful expatriation, expounded by Lea Sophie Suhr and Nicole Wedell von Leupoldt,Talent Interlock
  • legal and fiscal aspects, outlined by professionals in the field, Stefan Nerinckx, Partner, Fieldfisher & Tax Expert, EY
  • relation under pressure by expatriation, by relation therapist Jeanine Souren.
  • the importance of repatriates’ social relationships and suggestions for organizational support: an academic study by Dr. Lore Van Gorp
  • the importance of mother tongue education, discussed by Lieselot Declercq, D-Teach
  • the importance and value of international schools, by Lee Fertig, DirectorInternational School of Brussels
  • good practice of an expat family policy in international business, by Geert Aelbrecht, Chief Human Resources Officer, Besix.

The conference will provide you with guidelines and suggestions from leading voices in the field and offers unique networking opportunities. This collaboration of minds promises to lead to new possibilities and solutions within your line of work. A tip from the top can make a world of difference!


Learn from mobility managers, working in a variety of sectors and cultures, to garner expertise and new ideas. Discover how to push the boundaries of your existing mobility framework. Learn to apprehend the importance of the expat partner and family and why it is the #1 reason of an expatriation failure. Learn how to implement an adequate human resource management and family policy to raise the succes rate of your expatriations.

Improve your success rates with the use of more flexible policies, cost-efficient management and more effective reboarding of assignees.

When: Thursday 18 October 2018: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Where: ING Marnix Building, Marnixlaan 24, Brussels


Are you interested in attending this conference, where HR leaders from around the world learn from those devoted to implement global mobility within their company? Register now!

Free admission – in case of no show without cancellation before october 11th a fee of €45 will be charged.

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