DIGITALT: Livefika moving to Sweden

Are you looking to move to Sweden? Perhaps as a returning expat or as a foreign citizen? If that’s the case, this Livefika is for you. We have invited experts Tove Sjövall, attorney at law and expert in international as well as cross-border matters, and Olga Muñoz, real estate agent, specialized in supporting buyers throughout the purchase process.  

Moving back to Sweden after many years abroad is a big step that requires months of planning and a big portion of patience. Immigration matters aside, you may feel lost when it comes to potential housing solutions – how do you even enter the real estate market and what’s the process of buying a new home?  

At this Livefika, our guests Tove Sjövall, attorney at law, and Olga Muñoz, real estate agent, will be able to answer any questions you may have when considering a move to Sweden. Questions may include but are not limited to labor law, residency, citizenship, and legal permits, as well as matters regarding marriage, divorce, custody, and inheritance.  Our experts will also share tips and tricks regarding mortgage and loan application.  

Tove Sjövall, attorney at law and owner of Advokatbyrå Tove Sjövall AB, is specialized in international private law and international procedural law as well as in Swedish and international business law. 

Olga Muñoz, real estate consultant and owner of EGENBOSTAD, specializes in representing buyers’ interest throughout the purchase process. 

This Livefika will be held in English and is exclusive for members of Svenskar i Världen.  

Date: 31 January 2023
Time: 10.00 CET
RSVP: Send an e-mail to to receive the Zoom-link, please name the email “Livefika: Moving to Sweden”. You are welcome to include any questions for the speakers in the e-mail.