DIGITAL: Livefika with Novare – Pits and pearls when launching a career in Sweden

This Livefika is for you with an international profile who plan to launch a career in Sweden. Along with a recruiter at Novare, we’ll deep dive into topics like how to make yourself employable in the Swedish labor market, dos and don’ts for job interviews, and how to best enhance your international background or experience when writing a resume. This Livefika will be held in English and is exclusive for members of Svenskar i Världen.

At this Livefika, as we call our branded webinars, we’ll dig up some of the practical details and potential pitfalls to keep in mind when looking for a job in Sweden. Is there a fast track to apply for work permit directly from Sweden, instead of having to return to your home country to start the application process? And what does it mean when your boss is complementing your work while simultaneously rejecting the very same idea?

This webinar is catered towards Swedes abroad looking to return home, international spouses, and international workers already in, or outside of, Sweden.

Magdalena Ihre, Partner and Senior Consultant, at Novare will guide us through the questions.

This Livefika will be held in English and is exclusive for members of Svenskar i Världen.

Date: 24 May 2023
Time: 16.00-16.45 CET
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Learn more about Novare
Novare was founded in 2001 by Fredrik Hillelson and Investor with the purpose to provide HR support to Investor’s smaller portfolio companies. Today, Novare is a company group with different companies providing specialist competence within Human Capital.

Together, we are experts in everything related to coworkers and competence – from recruitments on all levels to skills development, compensation issues, and resource reinforcements.

Novare Executive Search 
One of Sweden’s largest and leading companies within executive recruitments and executive search. They also recruit middle managers and experienced specialists. Whether you need help with recruitment, an assessment of a candidate, background control, coaching, or training, they are at your disposal.

Novare Interim & Recruitment
Interim services and express recruitments within HR, economics, marketing, and administration. Novare Interim & Recruitment helps you with everything from work peaks and vacancies to long-term recruitment needs. They can also provide support within Employer Branding and volume recruitments.

Novare Potential
Today many newly arrived are without jobs, at the same time as many companies miss competent personnel. Through innovative recruitment methods and a strong network within the Swedish business community, Novare Potential wants to act as the bridge that connects newly arrived with the job market and give them the possibility to realize their full potential.

Novare Public
Recruitments of executives and specialists within the public sector. Novare public have an extensive network within Economics, HR, Marketing, IT, and Tech, and can thus swiftly provide clients with the best possible candidates.

Novare Bemanning
They offer staffing services for both the public and private sectors. Novare Bemanning want to build an innovative company with a focus on getting candidates, clients, and consultants to understand, develop, and articulate their needs and wants. Through us, you will get clear and relevant guiding regardless if you are looking for talent, seeking a job, or already work as a consultant.