Q&A with experts about moving to Sweden

Perhaps you’re a returning expat or maybe a foreign citizen moving to Sweden due to your own, or your partner’s career? If that’s the case, this Livefika is for you!    

Moving back to Sweden after many years abroad is a big step that requires lots of planning and a big portion of patience. Immigration matters aside, you may feel lost when it comes to potential housing solutions – how do you even enter the real estate market and what’s the process of buying a new home?   

At this Livefika, our guests Tove Sjövall, attorney at law, and Olga Muñoz, real estate agent, answered questions about residency, citizenship, legal permits, marriage, divorce, inheritance, and also explained how the housing market including mortgage and loan application works in Sweden.  

This Livefika was held in English and was exclusive for members of Svenskar i Världen.  

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