Interactive workshop with Swedish for Professionals about Swedish culture

“Have you ever wondered how the pivotal events have shaped Sweden? Some of them you might have heard of, others might be less known”. With those words we entered an exciting and interactive workshop held by Svenskar i Världen’s partner Swedish for Professionals.  

With the help of an interactive quiz, Swedish for Professionals pointed out three critical movements that have impacted Swedish culture and shaped Sweden into what it is today. This fun and informative session is usually a part of Swedish for Professionals’ intercultural business training program for global teams and it is perfect for anyone new to Sweden who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Swedish culture. 

New session about navigating Swedish work culture  

Swedish for Professionals will be back in the fall, organizing yet another inspiring session about Swedish culture. At this session they will focus on how to navigate around Swedish work culture as an expat. How do you address a problem in a Swedish work environment? Are there truly no hierarchies in the flat organizational structure of Swedish businesses, or is there perhaps something deeper to uncover beneath the surface?

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