A deep-dive into Swedish culture with Swedish for Professionals

At this digital workshop we will deep-dive into the Swedish culture with our partner Swedish for Professionals. This is a perfect opportunity for English-speaking family members to learn more about Sweden and Swedish culture. This workshop is for members only.

The first session will provide a fun and informative lessons about pivotal events that have shaped Swedish culture.

Title: A deep-dive into Swedish culture

Date: May 24th

Time: 16:00-17:00CEST

Description: Have you ever wondered how the pivotal events have shaped Sweden? Some of them you might have heard of, others might be less known. What do you know for example about the infamous Elm Conflict, or how people called in sick for “being gay” in protest of the historical law declaring homosexuality a disease? In this Livefika, Swedish for Professionals will help you understand three critical movements that have impacted Swedish culture and shaped Sweden into what it is today. This fun and informative session is usually a part of Swedish for Professionals’ intercultural business training program for global teams and is perfect for anyone new to Sweden who wants to gain a deeper understand of Swedish culture.

Registration: To register for this online webinar, send an email to sviv@sviv.se.
Members only!

Swedish for Professionals helps globally minded professionals to realize their full potential through customized, engaging, and effective language courses and intercultural business training. As a member with Svenskar i Världen you can get discount on language courses provided by Swedish for Professionals.

Next session in October: Navigating Swedish work culture as an expat

In October, Swedish for Professionals will come back with another Livefika within the field of culture.

This time, we will focus on how to navigate Swedish work culture as an expat. How do you address a problem in a Swedish work environment? Are there truly no hierarchies in the flat organizational structure of Swedish businesses, or is there perhaps something deeper to uncover beneath the surface?

Stay tuned for more information and details!

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