Livefika about International private law

International private law encompasses for instance family law, inheritance law, labor law and private contractual disputes, and the target group comprises Swedes who are moving or living abroad or moving home, as well as expatriate Swedes and foreign citizens who are taking up residency in Sweden. Such situations frequently give rise to complicated assessments, where the usual primary concern is which country’s laws shall apply to a private issue that span more than one country and in which country private disputes that span more than one country best can be resolved.

At this Livefika we will introduce the basics of Swedish international private law and give examples of the application of law in international circumstances. Be aware of unexpected rules regarding your privet life as well as of your work, studies or other aspects of your stay in a new country. All kinds of questions might affect you regarding matters of marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance as well as matters of labor law, residence, citizenship and permits.

To speak on this topic we have invited Tove Sjövall, attorney-at-law and owner of Advokatbyrå Tove Sjövall AB. Tove Sjövall is increasingly specialized in international private law and international procedural law as well as in Swedish and international business law.

From a corporate perspective this may pertain to foreign personnel designated for employment in Sweden, or Swedish staff assigned to positions abroad. Tove has extensive experience with these issues and is frequently engaged as a lecturer on the subject – both in Sweden and abroad.

This Livefika will be held in English and is exclusive for members of Svenskar i Världen. If you would like to join – please send an email to for registration.

Date: December 2
Time: 1-2.30 PM (Swedish time)