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Swedes worldwide is the leading organisation that works for the interest of swedes abroad. We inform, follow and influence.

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As a member you contribute so we can:

  • Work with opinions and lobbying questions that affects swedes living abroad
  • Answer referrals of the interest of swedes abroad
  • Inform swedes abroad about the Swedish development
  • Spread news about Swedish people living abroad and Sweden, on an international level

As a member you get:

  • Our news letter 10 times a year
  • Access to information on our extensive and rich webpage
  • Access to our global network with 130 Ombuds
  • Advice in law, taxes and pension questions
  • Advice in passport and insurance
  • Practical advice for people moving out or back to Sweden
  • Discounted cost to conferences and seminars, such as Parliament of Swedes Worldwide
  • Exclusive membership benefits
  • A vote during the annual meeting

Once you have become a member you get access to ‘’Min Sida’’, where you can change you address information and pay for your membership (VISA or MasterCard). You also have the opportunity to pay an invoice (which comes via e-post) or to our bankgiro 732-0542

Yearly Cost and discounts during 2018

New members in 2018: 400kr (only applies to the first year)

Club member: 400kr

Individual membership or family: 500kr

Youth (up to 30 years): free (registration necessary)

Employed by premium partners: free (registration necessary)

You always pay for the whole calendar year once you become member, regardless at what time of the year you become a member. However, if you become a member after the 1st of November, the membership extends to the end of the following calendar year.

To be counted as a member, you need to be registered with us, even if your membership is free. Please click on the link above.


User registration

In order to post on our forum, get contact information to our representatives and other information, you need to be logged in to our website. This you will get when becoming a member. If you have any other questions, please send us an email to